16. March 2022

Welcome to Zittau!

The delivery and installation of the combi-machine for the TMS battery was successful.

The TMS project team of the Institute for Process Technology, Process Automation and Measurement Technology (IPM) succeeded in a complicated lifting operation under tight space conditions at the Zittau Power Plant Laboratory on February 15, 2022. Together with colleagues from the project partner Spilling Technologies Hamburg and other involved trades, the 6.5t machine was accommodated with the help of a crane. It took 22 months of intensive preparation to get to this point.

Now the experimental investigation of the newly developed unique TMS combi machine, which is a core component for the construction of the TMS battery, can start. The TMS battery is a thermo-mechanical electricity storage system (CARNOT battery) for sector coupling of electricity and heat. Its core is a multi-cylinder piston machine that can operate both as a heat pump (compressor) and as a heat engine (expander). This allows electricity to be stored in steam, and also converted back to electricity. (more information on https://www.hszg.de/en/news/wie-funktioniert-die-tms-batterie)

With this research work, all participants are making an important contribution to a future without fossil fuels and thus to the success of the energy transition.

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