Scholarships for third-cycle programmes

PhD Scholarships at HSZG - Saxon State Innovation Doctorates

  • A Dynamic Building and Installations Simulation with Integrated Parameter Variation to Find Energetically Ideal Design and Operating Parameter Combinations in Building Energy Supply [FIS link]
    Candidate: Markus Haack
  • Studies on Generational Affiliation and Social Inequality in the Course of Life and Its Influence on the Use and Acceptance of New Technology by Older People
    Candidate: Bill Pottharst
  • Fracture Mechanics Assessment of Anisotropic Materials under Cyclic Loads
    Candidate: Stefan Keck
  • Improved Reconciliation of Care and Career: Effectiveness of Company and State Measures in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Outlying Areas in Saxony.
    Candidate: Katja Knauthe

These projects promise new insights for science and innovative applications for industry. They enhance our University's research profile in all three areas: Energy and the Environment, Transformation Processes in Industry and Society, and Materials - Structures - Surfaces.

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