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Project description:

Implementing digitization in disciplines in a participatory way :: Competencies Connected (D2C2) is a collaborative project of 10 Saxon universities and the BA Sachsen, funded by the Foundation Innovation in University Teaching and coordinated by the Higher Education Didactic Center Saxony (HDS). The goal is evidence-based teaching development in the field of digital teaching, for which specialist networks for exchange are being established and teachers are being supported in the implementation of digital methods and tools. General information about the joint project can be found on the HDS website. (

The staff of the D2C2 project is in continuous exchange with university and media didactic actors both within the HSZG (e.g. Digital Higher Education, Center for eLearning of the HSZG, University Didactics Officer) and within the Saxonian network in order to share the knowledge gained from experience and thus benefit from each other instead of "reinventing the wheel". The goal is to create offerings that meet the needs of good teaching and promote it.

Offers of the association:

Network structure:

The following universities and colleges are part of the D2C2 network: TU Dresden, TU Chemnitz, HTW Dresden, HS Mittweida, Westsächsische HS Zwickau, ehs Dresden, HTWK Leipzig, HS Zittau/Görlitz, HfBK Dresden, Berufsakademie Sachsen (details and contact).

The sub-project management is in the hands of the respective prorectors for education, at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences in the hands of the prorector for education and international affairs, Prof. Dr. rer. Pol. Sophia Keil. At the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, the D2C2 project is affiliated with the Center for Knowledge Transfer and Education.

Project staff HSZG:

    Lydia Laarz (
    Ronny Freudenreich (

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Ronny Freudenreich
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