Research profile

Thanks to our several decades of teaching and research input in the energy sector, the urgently topical issue of Energy and the Environment has become one of our major and significant areas of expertise.

The range of our research, however, is far broader, including also the investigation of processes of social and societal change in the present and the future.

In our Transformation Processes in Industry and Society expertise area, topics such as Regional Development, Care Efficiency and Early Childhood Education are on the agenda – as are also the social transformations and conflicts brought about by changes underway in energy supply systems.

Within the overall framework of these research activities, we have established close and long-standing cooperative arrangements with companies both at home and abroad. Amongst these are international companies such as ABB, Areva, Siemens and Vattenfall, renowned research institutes such as the Helmholtz Centres and the Fraunhofer Institutes – but also many companies, administrational bodies at regional and town level, and specialist centres for science and technology.