Materials - Structure - Surface

Ultralight and extremely durable: the materials of the future.

They are to be high-performing, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, all at the same time - a true challenge for scientists and researchers. Through a simple processing, natural fibres can absorb and transmit high static and dynamic loads while respecting the principles of lightweight design. Another advantage over metallic components are energy-saving manufacturing processes, resulting in products that offer complete functionality at cost-effective processing and small weight. Strength tests and simulation methods for crack growth therefore play a major role in our research alongside the development of manufacturing technologies.

As strong as a steel sheet and a thousand times as thin: the layers developed at our Institute for Surface Engineering. We do our research mainly in the sphere of the various surface coatings including the necessary preconditioning, thus giving surface texture and choice of materials an equally important role.

Foto: Prof. Dr. Martin Sturm
Prof. Dr.
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