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Are you looking for a course of study that makes a lasting and long-term difference? With a degree program that focuses on you, your future and the environment, you demonstrate initiative and responsibility. Take action. Your future starts now #bethechange

Here is the most important information for your way to the HSZG


Start your studies!

Financing, housing & living, university sports, ways to study abroad and many more useful links can be found on our page about starting your studies.

Why you should study at the HSZG!


Study sustainably

We focus on people and the environment. Since 2022, we have been planting a tree for every new student.


Study practice-oriented and quickly reach your goal

90 percent of our students complete their studies within the standard period of study.


Our region

You study where others go on vacation! Enjoy the proximity to nature for your perfect study-life balance.


Low cost of living

Zittau & Görlitz are among the most affordable places to study in Germany.

Save the Date! Meet us #in person & #digital.

Here you can meet us. No matter if you live near us or far away. You can find us at various trade fairs all over Germany. And should we really miss each other, there are also various online offers for you.

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Testimonials from our students


Exceeded expectations!


"I am positively surprised by the study program, the content is great and made for me. I enjoy everything and look forward to every module. There is no subject that I don't enjoy. All my lecturers are super nice and make their lessons very exciting."

Student, Communication Psychology (B.A.)


Top study time with practical teaching!


"In the course of studies, great emphasis was placed on practice-related tasks and corresponding internships. Personally, this type of teaching helped me a lot. When knowledge is not only taught theoretically, but also applied."

Student, Mechanical Engineering (Diploma )


Study experience in Zittau


"I have only had good experiences in Zittau. The learning content is great and the lecturers are great. The small student body is also a great advantage. Everyone knows everyone and you also have a good relationship with the profs. They are always available and very understanding and helpful."

Student, Molecular Biotechnology (B.Sc.)