Digital Higher Education

Project description:

The joint project Digital Higher Education in Saxony results from a cooperation between the Higher Education Didactic Center Saxony (HDS) and the e-Learning Working Group (AKeL) of the Saxony Rectors' Conference. The goal of the project is to implement the state-wide digitization strategy for higher education teaching and thus to support and advance the transformation of studying and teaching in the context of digitization in accordance with the strategies of the participating partner universities (see below). General information on the joint project can be found on the HDS website.

Offers of the association:

  • Activation: digital fellowships

    Each year, the fellowship program provides financial support for teachers and students at all Saxon universities, universities of applied sciences, and colleges of art and music to further develop their teaching or teaching activities against the backdrop of digitization. Both individuals and tandems can apply for a fellowship. The individual projects are presented to the university public on an ongoing basis in order to stimulate further innovations as practical examples. Due to its many years of experience in the development of digitization projects, AKeL is responsible for the Digital Fellowships. Further information, especially on the application process, can therefore be found on the pages of the Saxony Education Portal.

    Contact (network): Jana Riedel(fellows(at)

    The following fellowship projects are carried out at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz:

    • LernSMART - E-assessments for the promotion of self-directed learning processes in engineering with reference to the structured analysis and processing of more complex tasks (Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Meinert)
    • Thermopr@ctice for OPAL - Further development of the e-learning system for self-directed learning process support in the engineering field and preparation of its transfer to Saxon universities for a sustainable establishment (Dr.-Ing. S. Herrmann)
    • Working Across Borders - A Multicultural Digital Project (Prof. Dr. M. Zschocke)
    • OnlineLanguagePlacement (graduate translator M. Heidig)

    Contact (site contact): Ronny Freudenreich(ro.freudenreich(at)

  • Broad impact: digital work spaces (further training for teachers)

    In open workshop formats, all actors involved in the implementation of teaching at the partner universities (see below) can work on the conception and development of digital media-supported teaching-learning scenarios. By drawing on a wide range of expertise and exchanging ideas with peers, they not only expand their individual competencies, but also directly implement a concretely planned project in the field of digital university teaching. This creates immediate added value for the teachers themselves and the universities as a whole.

    The plan is to hold the digital work spaces regularly at every university location in Saxony. The implementation on site will be supported by the staff of the project Digital Higher Education in Saxony (see below). The HDS is responsible for the overall coordination of the events.


    Event tips:


    An overview of all Digital Worspaces can be found here:


    For an overview of all event offerings, click here.

    Contact: Anja Schulz(anja.schulz(at)

  • Stabilization: digital change agents

    Within the framework of a multiplier program, actors who work at the interfaces of teaching organization (e.g., course and module managers) can expand their competencies in the area of consulting and change management with a view to the topic of university teaching in the context of digitization. In this way, corresponding innovations will be sustainably anchored at the level of study organization.

    The qualification of the digital change agents will include workshops, online self-learning phases as well as peer consulting processes and will also be coordinated by the HDS. Further information

    Contact: Anja Schulz(anja.schulz(at)


4th round of calls for Digital Fellows

The Higher Education Didactic Center Saxony (HDS) and the Working Group E-Learning of the LRK Saxony (AK E-Learning) invite applications for Fellowships for the further development of digitally supported higher education at Saxon universities in the following categories, subject to the provision of corresponding budgetary funds by the Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism (SMWK):

  • Individual Fellowships in the amount of up to 12,000 euros,

  • Tandem Fellowships in the amount of up to 25,000 euros.

The earliest possible start of the measure is 01.07.2022. Digital Fellows are representatives for a specific and self-selected approach to use digital media to optimize and make their teaching more effective.

All information about the process as well as the call and application documents can be found here:

Network structure:

For the transfer of knowledge and good practice between the universities, not only existing structures, networks and competences of the AKeL and the HDS are used, but also a network of university and media didactic actors is built up locally. The following universities and colleges are in the network:

At the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, Digital Higher Education is affiliated with the Center for Knowledge Transfer and Education.


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The project runs from 01.07.2019 to 31.12.2023 and is financed with a total volume of € 3.7 million by the Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts.