Hochschuldidaktische Weiterbildungen

At the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, continuing education courses for lecturers are offered. This page gives an overview. If you have any further topic requests, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you in finding suitable teaching trainers and coaches.

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Note for employees of the HSZG:

In accordance with the procedural regulation for professional qualification measures, please formally apply for participation in good time in advance via your supervisor. The corresponding form is on the intranet.

The responsible supervisor decides on participation in internal university continuing education and training events (including HDS events) with a duration of up to 4 hours. The request must be submitted to the appropriate supervisor for a decision at least five business days prior to the start date. Approved requests must be reported to DPR via beruflicheQualifizierung@hszg.de. (Circular 2020/13 pt. 11 of 22.09.2020).

Please register online for the courses:

Saxony-wide virtual continuing education for teachers

The Center for Higher Education Didactics Saxony (HDS) bundles digital further education courses for higher education didactics of the member universities on the website: https://www.hd-sachsen.de/angebote.

The site is updated continuously. If you are interested, please register directly with the organizing university.

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