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At the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, continuing education courses for lecturers are offered. This page gives an overview. If you have any further topic requests, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you in finding suitable teaching trainers and coaches.

Note for employees of the HSZG:

In accordance with the procedural regulation for professional qualification measures, please formally apply for participation in good time in advance via your supervisor. The corresponding form is on the intranet.

The responsible supervisor decides on participation in internal university continuing education and training events (including HDS events) with a duration of up to 4 hours. The request must be submitted to the appropriate supervisor for a decision at least five business days prior to the start date. Approved requests must be reported to DPR via beruflicheQualifizierung@hszg.de. (Circular 2020/13 pt. 11 of 22.09.2020).

Please register online for the courses:

  • 09/23/22 Digital learning tools - Good practice for teachers in schools and universities

    This joint training day of the TU Dresden and HSZG on the topic "Digital learning tools - good practice for teachers in schools and universities" was planned for 23.09.22 and will be postponed to a new date due to lack of demand.


    In-person training day, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., max. 50 participants, Campus Görlitz Brückenstraße 1

    Lecturers: TU Dresden and HSZG

    Costs: No costs for the above mentioned target groups


    Link to the schedule and workshop descriptions (PDF)


    Workshops and registration:

    There will be three parallel sessions with workshops. Please select the workshop topics you are interested in from the schedule.

    As a teacher from a school in Saxony, please also register with the organizer via the registration link and submit an application for an advanced training trip via your school administration to the location of the State Office for Schools and Education responsible for you.

    Parallel workshops during the 9 - 10:30 a.m. time slot:

    • WS 1-1: Station workshop on digital media.
    • WS 2-1: STEM student workshops for 8th-10th graders: tinkering with scientific phenomena with virtual support
    • WS 3-1: Supporting learning digitally - Schullogin


    Parallel workshops during 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m:

    • WS 1-2: Background knowledge and basic structure for working with digital media in education
    • WS 2-2: Supporting teaching and learning digitally - OPAL and OPAL School
    • WS 3-2: Station workshop on digital media


    Parallel workshops in the time 13:30 - 15 o'clock:

    • WS 1-3: STEM student workshops for 8th-10th graders: tinkering with scientific phenomena with virtual support.
    • WS 2-3: Supporting learning digitally - Schullogin
    • WS 3-3: Background knowledge and foundation building for working with digital media in education


    To the online expression of interest

  • 09/19/22 Raising narrative treasures - storytelling in (online) teaching

    one-day attendance course, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., 8 units, 16 participants, Campus Görlitz or Zittau (will be announced to the participants in advance)

    Lecturer: Martin Ellrodt, actor & storyteller, Nuremberg

    Costs: No costs for employees of the HSZG; reduced 30.00 euros for members of Saxon universities; 60 euros for all other interested parties.

    Course Description:

    The art of telling stories also has its place, meaning and purpose in teaching: narratively conveyed content is both perceived by learners with increased attention and stored more effectively. Moreover, a good story can positively influence students' basic attitudes toward topics that might otherwise be perceived as dry or of little personal relevance. Thus, it is worthwhile to go in search of the narrative treasures of one's own teaching subject and to lift them up through storytelling.

    Contents: - Basics of storytelling as a processing mode and communicative process - suspense arc and plot - five transfer possibilities to transform teaching material into stories - dramaturgical design possibilities of the learning process (even without a concrete story) and of online courses.

    Learning objectives: - the participants will be enabled to bring teaching material into a well narratable structure, from the single story to the whole semester/course content - they will be able to effectively design their own narratives according to their needs and possibilities - they will learn to optimize the dramatic structure of stories - they will be able to dramaturgically optimize the learning process even without a concrete narrative.

    Methods: expert input, partner work, practical exercises, individual coaching

    Recognized course in the Saxon. Certificate program of the HDS in module 2 with 4 AE in the field of action "MMD" and 4 AE "SQ".

    Link to online registration

  • 7/7/22 E-Portfolios with Mahara (Presence and Online)

    one-day attendance course, 9 am - 4 pm, 6 units, Campus Görlitz plus 2 units coaching of teachers in portfolio development (online in July/August) plus 3 units final presentation (online on 04.08.22)

    Lecturer: Stefanie Falck, University of Leipzig

    Costs: No costs for employees of the HSZG; reduced 30,00 Euro for members of Saxon universities; 60 Euro for all other interested parties.

    Course description:

    During the course, participants will get to know the online platform Mahara and learn how to work with it. Mahara offers teachers and students a variety of options for integrating different media and is suitable for both asynchronous and synchronous scenarios as well as for use in analog and digital spaces. In the course, participants learn how to create and edit portfolios and work with group pages. A special focus is placed on the use of portfolios as an assessment tool.

    About portfolio work: The portfolio is a collection of documents that students work on independently during the course of their studies, thus documenting their engagement with and active handling of important seminar content. In addition, the use of the portfolio during the seminar directs attention to the learning processes and enables students to become more aware of and reflect on their learning processes.

    Course schedule, contents and learning objectives: see PDF (download)

    The course is still in the recognition process for the Sächs. Certificate program of the HDS in module 2 with 11 units in different fields of action. Fields of action.

    Link to online registration

  • 07/13/2022 Digital Workspace: Design hybrid teaching and learning.

    Digital Workspace: designing hybrid teaching and learning.

    Course Description:

    Teaching and learning spaces at universities have changed over the past year. In the future, face-to-face teaching will indeed be possible again. But at the same time, there will be higher demand to engage students online who, for various reasons, cannot be physically on site.

    In the Digital Workspace, we clearly distinguish hybrid teaching from blended learning forms or purely online events. Instead, we focus on the various forms of teaching at universities, such as lectures, seminars, exercises or tutorials, in which only some of the students are present on site and the others are connected via a video conferencing system. Such hybrid teaching/learning scenarios enable, indeed require, a great deal of flexibility on the part of all participants and raise many questions:

    How must the technical and didactic framework be structured? What challenges does the methodological implementation pose and how can I counteract these as a teacher? How can all the different needs be taken into account? How can all the student groups involved work and learn together effectively?

    These and other questions will be explored in the Digital Workspace and the possibilities that hybrid teaching/learning scenarios can create. We will not offer ready-made solutions, but plenty of room for discussion, exchange and trial and error. We also offer the opportunity to work on your own teaching concept. You can revise your own existing teaching concepts or create new ones for the coming semester.



    Online (BigBlueButton)

    For further information and access to the registration form please contact the Opal course


  • Start 09/09/2022 - Digital Workspace (as an online course): Self-tests and electronic exercises to promote learning (e-assessment)

    Course Description:

    Designing diagnostic and formative e-assessments in a didactically meaningful way and their technical implementation often pose challenges for teachers.

    This Digital Workspace deals with - the functions of diagnostic and formative assessments - the advantages of diagnostic and formative assessments for teachers and students - forms and possibilities for the implementation of assessments and - good practice examples from the higher education landscape.

    Participants will receive impulses for the use of such e-assessments and have the opportunity to work on their own assessment concepts. The format primarily comprises asynchronous knowledge modules that can be used independently of time and place to develop one's own competencies. In addition, support measures are offered by university and media didactic experts at various consultation stations, opportunities for collegial exchange, impulse lectures, tips for practical implementation as well as a variety of materials and space to try things out for yourself.

    Dates: Start 09.09.2022 (online course - participation still possible after the start date)> Link to the course: https://bildungsportal.sachsen.de/opal/auth/RepositoryEntry/35623305216/CourseNode/101629070926953

    Registration and an overview of all Digital Worspaces can be found here: https://bildungsportal.sachsen.de/opal/auth/RepositoryEntry/25674383360/CourseNode/102182030623536


Saxony-wide virtual continuing education for teachers

The Center for Higher Education Didactics Saxony (HDS) bundles digital further education courses for higher education didactics of the member universities on the website: https://www.hd-sachsen.de/angebote.

The site is updated continuously. If you are interested, please register directly with the organizing university.

At the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, further training in higher education didactics is offered to staff members. These one-day and multi-day in-house training courses are usually part of the Saxon certificate program in higher education didactics, which is published by the Higher Education Didactic Center Saxony (HDS). This certificate program consists of three modules, whereby module 2, with a total of 100 work units, can also be completed at our university. Please refer to the course description for the conditions under which continuing education can be credited as Module 2.

The continuing education courses in higher education didactics of the HSZG are free of charge for the staff of the HSZG. Registrations from members of other universities are gladly accepted, for whom the courses are particularly cost-effective due to a seminar grant from the Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum Sachsen (HDS).

The registration for the courses of the HSZG takes place online. Participation will be certified afterwards (certificate).

We are also happy to support you in an advisory capacity if, for example, you would like to attend a continuing education course at another university or are interested in the Saxon Certificate Program (modules 1 to 3). The following applies in principle: Employees of the HSZG can participate at reduced rates due to a framework agreement with the HDS.

More offers

Digital Workspaces

(Collaborative event Digital Higher Education)

Workspace offer: https://bildungsportal.sachsen.de/opal/auth/RepositoryEntry/25674383360/CourseNode/102182030623536

Center for Higher Education Didactics and Saxon HDS Certificate Program

Here you can view the programs of further education in higher education didactics of all Saxon universities and find out about the three-stage Saxon Certificate Program for Higher Education Didactics at the Center for Higher Education Didactics (HDS) at the University of Leipzig.

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