04. July 2022

Energy - always new ideas!

The topic of the 13th edition of "Business Meets Science" is more relevant than ever.

For the 13th time now, the organisers invited to the evening event "Business meets Science"; the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences (HSZG), the General Association of Entrepreneurs Zittau und Umgebung e. V. (AUV), the Dresden Chamber of Crafts and the Zittau and Görlitz offices of the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In perfect weather met entrepreneurs, administrative staff and university lecturers at an interesting location - the Zittau Power Plant Laboratory (ZKWL) of the HSZG on the premises of the Zittau municipal utility (Stadtwerke Zittau).

Reliable, affordable and environmentally compatible - this is how energy supply should be structured in the future. This was also the basic tenor of the evening.

After welcoming words by

  • Bert Handschick (Chairman of the Board of the AUV Entrepreneurs' Association),
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Kratzsch (Rector of the HSZG) and
  • Rocco Deckert, new technical managing director of the Stadtwerke Zittau GmbH,

the approx. 80 participants were able to take a tour at two stations to learn about the university's research work in the Zittau Power Plant Laboratory:

The Thermo-Mechanical Electricity Storage System (TMS Battery) - This storage unit works with the economical working and storage medium water. With the technology developed here, energy can be stored for many hours in the form of steam and released as electricity or heat as needed. So-called "rare earths" are not required. The aim of the project, which is located at the Institute for Process Technology, Process Automation and Measurement Technology (IPM) of the HZSG, is to provide an environmentally friendly electricity storage system for the sector coupling of electricity and heat.

Versuchsanlage "Thermo-Mechanischer Stromspeicher" The test facility "Thermo-Mechanical Electricity Storage System"

The latent heat storage system - Here, heat is stored in the form of a melting medium at a constant temperature. In the heat storage test field, the researchers are developing comparative key figures for heat storage systems from systematic measurements. In the future, this will make it easier for planners to use the right thermal storage systems for their customers.

Based on long-established competences, the scientists of the HSZG face energy and environmental technology problems. The spectrum ranges from the optimization of new technologies for the provision of electricity to highly efficient recycling technologies and automation technology to biotechnology.

Some of this research work is also reflected in the business areas of Stadtwerke Zittau; a mutually beneficial cooperation. Thus, the following two stations of heat supply and heat distribution for the city of Zittau also played a role in this evening at the Stadtwerke:

  • Where does Zittau's heat actually come from? Information on the energy revolution at the Stadtwerke.
  • Exciting technical solutions – the Stadtwerke's know-how in energy distribution.
The Zittau Power Plant Laboratory with the thermohydraulic test facility "THERESA"

Next year, the 14th edition of this innovation and technology transfer event series will take place in the Upper Lusatian Plastics Center (Oberlausitzer Kunststoffzentrum) of the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU) on the Theodor-Körner-Allee in Zittau.

In 2009, the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry created a regional event format where entrepreneurs and scientists meet, get to know each other and share technical information in order to establish contacts between companies and the university in a simple way on the one hand, and on the other hand to inspire the transfer of innovation and technology in the region, but also to offer solutions with a view to the skilled labour situation or the next generation of managers.

In each year so far, a different department and laboratory area has been visited in order to give the business community - but also employees from administration and institutions - an insight into the work of the university.

Foto: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Tobias Zschunke
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
Tobias Zschunke
Institut für Prozesstechnik, Prozessautomatisierung und Messtechnik
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Theodor-Körner-Allee 8
Building Z IVc, Room C1.01
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