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Are you interested in economic issues? Do you think that the sustainable use of resources should be an important corporate goal? Are communication and conflict resolution particularly close to your heart? Then the Sustainable Business Management course is just right for you. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of all commercial areas of a company, from purchasing to sales, from marketing to personnel management, from controlling to financing. You will learn to always take sustainability aspects into account.

You will learn the basics of business administration and deepen your knowledge with the help of case studies and business games. This will enable you to recognize the interrelationships between different areas in the company and to view and solve problems in the company holistically. The combination of modules from business administration (60%), methodological subjects (20%) and sustainability topics (20%) is tailored to this. You can look forward to a wide range of elective options. In the 7th semester, you can apply the skills you have learned so far as part of a 12-week work placement.

Due to the wide range of options, you can qualify for a job in a smaller, regionally active company as well as in a larger, nationally or internationally active company. A career in a non-profit company or in the public sector is also possible. After completing your Bachelor's degree, you can go straight into a career or deepen the knowledge you have acquired in a Master's degree course. In Zittau, you can consider the Master's degree course in International Management, which is offered by Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences in combination with TU Dresden. This means you can obtain a Master's degree from a university of excellence in Zittau.

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Company management

Here you plan, coordinate and control important decisions in the company, for example which products are manufactured and at what price the products are sold. You are not only guided by company profits, but also by compliance with environmental standards and social goals.


In the field of controlling, you provide company management with data and information in order to make business decisions. Numbers people are in demand here. Of course, sustainability aspects must not be neglected in this day and age.

Personnel management

You will learn to understand the needs of staff. Only satisfied employees will stay with the company in the long term and do a good job. Nowadays, no company can afford to lose highly qualified specialists to the competition. You will develop a feel for how employees can be treated with respect so that they feel comfortable in the company.


The best product is useless without advertising and sales. Learn to understand the customer and implement their wishes for responsible and market-oriented product development. Design strategies for sustainable business models, global e-commerce on platforms, web stores and apps. Promote the product on social media and create relevant content.


In the area of finance, you provide the financial resources so that your company can operate on the market. You deal with financing through equity and debt capital. You also invest surplus funds for your company on the capital market. Sustainable investments play a special role for you.

Project management

As a project manager, you will be involved in a wide variety of projects in your company, for example the introduction of new products or the development of a marketing strategy. You will be the person in the project team who puts sustainability aspects at the forefront of the measures.

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Economic Sciences and Industrial Engineering
Location: Zittau
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Standard period of study: 7 semesters
ECTS points: 210
Enrollment for: Winter semester
Admission restriction:

without NC

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Maybe you're wondering...

  • What NC do I need to study Sustainable Business Administration?

    You do not need a specific numerus clausus (NC) to study Sustainable Business Administration. There is also no strenuous selection process or waiting semester. Instead, we look forward to getting to know you personally. At Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, we cultivate a family atmosphere and support you throughout your studies. Our professors and teaching staff will personally support you in achieving your individual goals.

  • How long does the Sustainable Business Administration course take?

    The Sustainable Business Administration Bachelor usually takes 3.5 years (7 semesters). If you need more time and semesters for your studies, this is possible.

    • 1st to 4th semester: basic studies
    • 5th to 7th semester: Specialized studies
    • 7th semester: Bachelor's thesis and defense
  • In which city do I study Sustainable Business Administration?

    You will study Sustainable Business Administration in Zittau.

    Mountains, lakes, two cities rich in culture and diversity and a forward-looking, research-oriented university of applied sciences right in the middle. Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences is as diverse as the Upper Lusatia region. Embedded in a unique landscape, the HSZG offers you space to think, let off steam and experiment. Whether it's student life, your first steps in research or direct cooperation with companies in the region - there are numerous opportunities to develop and grow. Not forgetting the direct proximity to Poland and the Czech Republic - we are in the heart of Europe! The short distances between campus, home, leisure activities and our neighboring countries will amaze you.

    You can find more information about our locations here: Zittau and Görlitz - You've come to the right place!

  • Can I study Sustainable Business Management without a high school diploma?

    To study Sustainable Business Administration, you will need a general higher education entrance qualification, an entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences or an equivalent qualification.

  • How is the Sustainable Business Management degree program structured?

    The curriculum of the Bachelor's degree course in Sustainable Business Administration is designed in such a way that the modules build on each other, thus ensuring the best possible transfer of knowledge. This has the additional advantage that you don't have to worry about being guided through your studies in a meaningful and successful way.

  • What will studying Sustainable Business Management do for my future?

    The modern Sustainable Business Management course prepares you perfectly for the modern working world. Jobs that barely existed just a few years ago have now become more relevant and necessary - partly due to decisions such as the EU's Green Deal. Workers who combine economic and sustainable disciplines are more in demand than ever. As a graduate, you will not only make a major contribution to the planet, but also enter a professional life that is fun, challenging and reflects your values.

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