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You’ll be pushed to find anywhere other than Zittau and Görlitz that offers such a great opportunity to study without borders. Here, in the midst of gorgeous landscapes in the tri-border region where Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland meet, students can enjoy courses with a real-life focus and personal support.

With no tuition fees, low living costs, a friendly atmosphere, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and solid relations with regional, national and international companies and institutions, our University of Applied Sciences offers the ideal setting for effective learning, which is why most students complete their studies within the time allotted. This is then followed up by excellent career prospects. The high placement rate of our graduates is in large part due to the excellent quality of our teaching staff and research.

We offer 40 Bachelor’s, German Diplom and Master’s courses in engineering, natural, social and economic sciences. Our Bachelor’s and Master’s courses have been accredited. Our dual studies course is an excellent way to combine studies with vocational training.

Here you find your key contact partners for all matters concerning international relations, study abroad, university teacher exchange programmes and the organisation of international student exchange programmes such as ERASMUS and others.


At our "Studienkolleg", students from many foreign countries, with a great range of religious and political beliefs and from widely differing educational backgrounds were prepared for taking up a course of study at a German university.

Our undefinedintensive research work enables us to provide scientifically valid teaching tailored to meet today’s real-life needs while also incorporatingour students into the research process at an early stage.


Best-possible Conditions

Studying at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitzis synonymous with the best-possible conditions, together with 3,100 other students, 116 professors, and over 360 research assistants. Welcome to the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz!



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''I decided to study at this University because I learn better and much faster in small groups. The support our professors and tutors provide is fantastic.''

Johannes, 4th year student

''My course is demanding, but the workload isn’t excessive. If I have any problems, I can always ask fellow students or tutors.''

Charlotte, 3rd year student

''Small places with huge opportunities! There’s always something going on at my shared flat, which really helps to make sure I have fun alongside my course.''

Christopher, 4th year student

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