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17. September 2019

One week summer course on Circular Economy in Lviv, Ukraine - an experience report by students

Students from the Baltic University Programme (BUP) Partner Universities, 20 of them from Zittau, experience together an instructive course at the Forest University in lviv, with numerous excursions to companies and wonderful social events.

University Walter Leal in Lviv, Ukraine
Foto: HSZG University Walter Leal in Lviv, Ukraine

From 3.9.19 to 8.9.19 our students (Ecology and Environmental Protection, Integrated Management System/Integrated Management) were on a study trip to Ukraine and Poland. The aim of the trip was to participate in this year's BUP Summer Course. What the students learned and experienced there are summarized here in a wonderful way by students:

Stanislaw Horzov from Lviv (Ukraine):

„On the UNFU, starting from 3 September until 7 September were carried out the summer school of Baltic University Program for the “Sustainability Innovations in a Circular Economy”, in which I took part.

In the event were united about 60 participants, including students and professors, who were representing  University of Applied Science Hamburg, University of Applied Science Zittau/Görlitz, WSB University in Wroclaw, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and National Forestry University of Ukraine.

Taking in the account the main vision of the school, during presentations were raised topics about ecological, green and circular economics, sustainable development of industry and search of opportunities for usage alternative resources in conditions of economic growth.

Very important part of the summer school was a big number not only of professors, but the students. Event united bachelor, master and Ph.D students, who are studying by educational programs of economics, management, ecology, biotechnology, sociology, forestry, technologies of woodworking and industrial engineering from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, France, Mexico and Belarus. As in result, each presentation was having always active conversation, additions and discussion, in which every student was taking part.

Also, by the program were planned interesting excursions in factories of companies FAKRO, Enzym, Carlsberg Ukraine and furniture factory “Mebli-Styl” (“Furniture-Style”) with the goal of learning organization, management and effective usage of supply. This experience added to me the understanding of practical points, which are connected with the development of strategies with establishment of effective principles of production.

For me, the most exciting became the very last day, when were organized learning group games, when we were trying to build production links between factories for the recycling supplies and receiving the resources, which will be used for delivering effective production of goods for the market and consumers. This method of learning was developed on base of materials about industrial symbiosis and in this uncommon and intensive way out group in practise figure out this topic with significant conclusions about this form of development of industry.

In the end, I would like to give the warmest thank you for making this event a reality for organizers from UNFU: vice-rector Mykola Borys, Lyudmyla Zahvoyska , Lyudmyla Maksymiv, Ihor Soloviy, Victoria Oliferchuk, Solomia Salabay; organizers of Baltic University Program in University of Applied Science Zittau/Görlitz: Jana Brauweiler, Markus Will, Anke Zenker-Hoffmann; from University of Applied Science Hamburg: Walter Leal Filho.

It was fascinating week, which was full of interesting events and impressions, and I recommend to participate in a future summer schools and events of Baltic University Program all students and professors!“


Klaudia Zamora from University of Lodz, Poland

I would like to say thank you for BUP Summer Course 2019 “sustainability innovations in a circular economy” in Lviv. It was my first course from BUP and for sure not the last one!

The greatest was an atmosphere. I felt like everyone is welcome to share thoughts and doubts. It is very important for me - young student - to feel like all professors are open to discuss with me and respect my opinion.

The subject was very modern and suited to my interests. All lectures made me to think deeper about present-days issues and made me believe more in the circular economy. Thank you.

Because I believe we can evolve faster and better due to feedback, I am sending my thoughts. It would be great if we stared to change our not eco friendly habits in the course and made a good example for others for future eg. reduce plastic bottles and single-use tissues, single-use mugs, plastic pens etc.

My favorite part was a game when we can interact more with each other. It is very hopeful spending time with young, smart and ambitious people and see how different we are but still we have the same points for our future.


Thank you for this opportunity and see you next time!



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