Student Representatives

Students are represented in:

  • Faculty Councils
  • Faculty Student Committees
  • the Senate
  • the Extended Senate


Students’ Union 

The student body is a University entity with legal capacity. It is represented by the Students’ Union, which pursues the interests of all students and is run by representatives of the individual Faculty Student Committees.

Students’ Union website

Faculty Student Committees

All students within a faculty (sometimes within a department) represent its respective student body. Each faculty student body may elect a Faculty Student Committee for representation. This Committee will again send student members to the Faculty Council, the Academic Planning Committee and the Examination and Practical Experience Committees. The total of all Faculty Student Committees form the Students’ Union. Active partaking in student representation may be grounds for allowing a longer standard time to degree.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Managerial and Cultural Studies

Natural and Environmental Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Social Sciences

Business Administration and Engineering

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Students' Union

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