Disability Advisory Service

Representative: Julia Renger

Deputy: Henry Beyer

Our tasks are set out in the German Social Security Statute, Book IX, Section 95 (SGB IX). The University’s Disability Advisory Service

  • supports the employment of people with disabilities (see SGB IX, Section 81, para 1, sentence 6),
  • provides advice and assistance for disabled people,
  • monitors compliance with social security law (particularly with respect to Sections 71, 72, 81-84 SGB IX),
  • files applications for preventive actions (see SGB IX, Section 84),
  • assists in solving problems between employers and employees,
  • helps preventing dismissals of disabled staff (see SGB IX, Sections 85-92),
  • helps creating disability-friendly workplaces (see SGB IX, Section 81, para 4, sentences 4 and 5).

Letzte Änderung:25. Juni 2018


Julia Renger

Building Z IV c / Room 0.09

+49 3583 612-4358

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