Natural and Environmental Sciences

Since the foundation of the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences in 1992, the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences has developed its own unmistakable profile in teaching and research. Our courses of study share the “Life Science” core curriculum, and we have instructed students from all faculties in Mathematics and Physics from the very beginning.


We are responsible for the education and training of students in undergraduate courses in Applied Natural Sciences, Molecular Biotechnology, and Ecology and Environmental Protection (all B.Sc.). Furthermore, we offer consecutive courses of study in several Master programmes: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Applied Ecology (in cooperation with TU Dresden), Integrated Management, and Integrated Management Systems. After HSZG had adopted the European EMAS standard as the first higher education institution worldwide 15 years ago, our faculty became likewise responsible for the University's Environmental Management.


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Detailed information on the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences with its affiliated institutes, laboratories, courses of study and study offers.

Courses of study:


  Bachelor Master Diplom Dual/Kia
Natural and Environmental Sciences
Ecology and Environmental Protection
Molecular Biotechnology
Applied Natural Sciences
Biotechnology and Applied Ecology
Integrated Management Systems
Integrated Management
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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