undefinedElectrical Engineering and Computer Science

Automation and Mechatronics, Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Energy Engineering (part-time), Computer Science, Information and Communication Management (in English), Mechatronics, and Economics and Computer Science - many also as "cooperative" (sandwich-style) course including vocational training.

undefinedManagerial and Cultural Studies

Culture and Management, Health Care Management, Tourism Management, Economics and Languages, Specialist Translation (Economics) German/Polish.


undefinedMechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology – also as "cooperative" (sandwich-style) course with integrated vocational training.

undefinedNatural and Environmental Sciences

Ecology and Environmental Protection, Molecular Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Applied Ecology, Integrated Management Systems, Integrated Management, Chemistry and Energy, and Chemistry -
 also as "cooperative" (sandwich-style) course with integrated vocational training.


undefinedSocial Sciences

Social Work, Inclusion Studies, Communication Psychology, Childhood Education, Social Gerontology or Management of Social Change.


undefinedBusiness Administration and Engineering

Business Administration, Business Administration and Engineering, International Management, Business Management, and Housing and Real Estate Management.

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