Who can join us?

Our sports classes are available to all HSZG and IHI Zittau students and staff, including past employees of our University. We are also open to students from other institutions if there are remaining spaces. Non-HSZG students need to present their enrolment confirmation for the current semester.

Online booking

HSZG members can only register online for one or several sports classes. The joining fee must be paid within 7 days upon registration at one of our payment terminals using your Student ID Card / Campus Card; otherwise, your registration will be cancelled automatically. Our sports centre will then send you a confirmation within 48 hours, which you need to bring on your first activity or class.

You can find our payment terminals, which are available at all times, in Building Z I, Room 0.27 (Zittau) or Building G II, Room 12 (Görlitz). If you need to cancel a booking after you have paid the joining fee, please do so at our sports office within 14 days upon the starting date, after which we cannot give reimbursement.

Registration for HSZG and IHI members

2018/19 winter semester: from 08/10/18
2019 summer semester: from 11/03/19

Non-HSZG student registration

If capacity allows, we also accept external students who may register by email: hsp(at)hszg.de. The joining fee can be paid in cash during our consultation hours.

Foto: Dipl.-Sportlehrer Philipp Knebel
Philipp Knebel
02826 Görlitz
Brückenstraße 1
Building G II, Room 205
1. Obergeschoss
+49 3581 374-4256
02763 Zittau
Theodor-Körner-Allee 16
Building Z I, Room 0.01
+49 3583 612-4256