Technical Administration & Facility Services

Ralf UlbrichHead

Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Ulbrich
Building Z I / Room K12
Tel.: +49 3583-612-4476

Email: r.ulbrich(at)



Andrea Tietz
Building Z I / Room K11
Tel.: +49 3583-612-4475

Email: a.tietz(at)


  • Preparation, commissioning and overseeing of building measures and building maintenance
  • Maintenance, inspection, repair and deployment of building equipment and appliances
  • Maintenance and administration of buildings and land
  • Acquisition, administration and distribution of appliances, equipment and materials
  • Service functions (post, copying, key admin., access control, deployment of company cars, in-house moving operations)
  • Safety at the workplace, fire protection and environmental management

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Zittau Campus

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