Student Services & International Relations

  • Student advice & counselling
  • Admissions & student management
  • Curriculum & examination management
  • International Office

From the Student Advisory Services Bureau via the International Office and the Admissions Office to the Examination Board – all issues concerning your studies can be resolved here.

Human Resources Administration & Law

  • HR management
  • Personnel development
  • Law/legal affairs

This is the department to consult on all matters concerning legal affairs, human resource issues, wages, social insurance, the training and supervision of apprentices, the University Archive and Registry

Technical Administration & Facility Services

  • Maintenance
  • Property management
  • Procurement

This division is your contact partner in all matters concerning building operations, building and room equipment, day-to-day materials, property management, services, safety at the workplace, fire precautions and environmental management.

Treasury Office & Project Administration

  • Fund management & travel expenses
  • Accounting
  • Project administration

The Treasury Office & Project Administration division is responsible for auditing, invoice management and invoice payment. Also in its remit is the running of the cashier’s office. We have overall responsibility for external fund management, as also for research documentation and statistics, and act in an advisory and informative capacity on all research issues.


Controlling includes cost and performance accounting, capacity accounting and documentation/reporting.

Public Relations

Here you can find the officers responsible for current information concerning our University of Applied Sciences, such as news items, press reports and forthcoming events, and also for our institutional corporate design and website.

Quality Management

The Quality Management division is responsible for the implementation and continuous development of our quality management system and its instruments.

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Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz

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