Mechanical engineering | Diploma | dual

Faculty: Machine Engineering
Location: Zittau
Degree: Diplom-Ingenieur/-in (FH)
Standard period of study: 10 semesters
ECTS points: 240
Enrollment for: Winter semester
Admission restriction: Apprenticeship / trainee contract or for KIApro qualification contract with partner company

Studying mechanical engineering gives you an incredible amount of freedom - design, construct and build smartphones, cars or robots. Specialize in whatever you feel like. But admittedly - you won't get past math, mechanics, physics, economics and electrical engineering in the first 3 semesters. But with good time management and enthusiasm for the subject, that's no problem! Get creative and work together with your future fellow students on practical solutions in our excellently equipped laboratories.

What is KIA?

In the KIA variant (cooperative studies with integrated training), the diploma program is very well suited for future students who want to combine theory and practice. In addition to theoretical specialist knowledge, you also acquire practical training and at the end of your studies you not only receive the diploma certificate, but also a skilled worker's qualification.

It's your choice

With the study program mechanical engineering, you choose between a:


The following apprenticeships are available for the mechanical engineering degree program:

  • Industrial Mechanic

    Job description

    Chamber: IHK

    Industrial mechanics manufacture components and assemblies for machines and production plants, set them up or convert them. They monitor and optimize production processes and take on repair and maintenance tasks. Industrial mechanics are employed in companies in almost all manufacturing sectors.

    Source: Berufenet Employment Agency

  • Construction Mechanic

    Job description

    Chamber: IHK

    Construction mechanics work in the fields of equipment engineering, sheet metal construction, shipbuilding, welding technology and in steel and metal construction. Construction mechanics

    • plan their tasks on the basis of technical documents,
    • manufacture components, assemblies and metal constructions from sheet metal, pipes or profiles using manual and mechanical manufacturing processes,
    • manufacture, assemble and dismantle steel components, elevators, transport and loading systems, protective grids, cladding, stairs, doors, gates, covers, containers, protective equipment, sheet metal pipes and ducts, power units and bodies,
    • carry out welding procedures in compliance with occupational safety and environmental protection,
    • assemble and disassemble metal structures, applying various joining techniques,
    • create auxiliary constructions, jigs, templates and unwindings,
    • select test equipment and test procedures and apply the company's quality assurance system,
    • carry out the necessary maintenance work on equipment, machines and tools,
    • coordinate work with upstream and downstream areas, process complex orders as part of a team,
    • carry out activities independently in compliance with the relevant regulations and safety provisions.

    Source: Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

  • Mechatronics technician

    Job description

    Chamber: IHK

    Mechatronics technicians build complex mechatronic systems, e.g. robots for industrial production, from mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies and components. They test the individual components and assemble them into systems and equipment. They commission the finished systems, program them or install the associated software. In doing so, they follow circuit diagrams and design drawings and carefully test the systems before handing them over to their customers. They also maintain and repair mechatronic systems.

    Source: Berufenet Employment Agency

  • Metal worker

    Job description

    Chamber HWK

    Few have any idea of the versatility of this profession. For example, construction uses this metal craft to make sturdy steel structures or custom-made conservatories, doors and gates. Custom-made superstructures and frames for special vehicles are part of vehicle construction. Environmentally friendly equipment is manufactured for agriculture and forestry. Creatively forged parts made from a wide variety of materials make a skilful design claim. In shoeing, one can be trained in advanced courses.

    Source: Saxony Handicrafts Day 2003

  • Metal profession in general

    The company is still keeping its choice of apprenticeship open. It is only certain that it will be a metal profession.

  • Process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology

    Job description

    Chamber: IHK

    Process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology manufacture pipeline parts and systems, components and assemblies from polymer materials, convert them or repair them. There are specializations in components, compound and masterbatch production, fiber composite technology, molded parts, semi-finished products, plastic windows and multilayer rubber parts.

    Source: BERUFENET 2021

  • Cutting machine operator

    Job description

    Chamber: IHK

    Machinists produce precision components mostly from metal using cutting processes such as turning, milling, drilling or grinding. They usually work with CNC-controlled machine tools or production systems. They set these up and monitor machining processes.

    Source: BERUFENET 2021

Entry-level opportunities for this degree program

KIA is an apprenticeship-integrateddual university program with two degrees: Skilled worker (with chamber examination IHK or HWK) and university degree (Bachelor or diploma). In a shortened apprenticeship, you acquire a skilled worker's qualification after two and a half years with an examination before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Trade and after a further two or two and a half years you have a university degree in your pocket.

KIA+ is designed for graduates of the 10th grade. We accompany you on the way to obtaining the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences at the technical secondary school and through the subsequent dual KIA study program.

KIApro - This job-integrated KIA form of study ("pro" stands for "professionals") is aimed at employees of companies with at least a skilled worker's degree who want to advance professionally. We are happy to help find the optimal solution for the path through the study program here.

About the advantages of dual studies | KIA

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