Integrated management systems | Dual (KIA)

Faculty: Natural and Environmental Sciences in cooperation with the faculties of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.
Location: Zittau
Degree: Master of Science
Standard period of study: 3 semesters
ECTS points: 90
Enrollment for: Winter and summer semester
Admission restriction: none
Our master's program with a focus on quality, environmental, energy, occupational safety and IT security management systems is unique in Germany!

Today, hardly any company can manufacture and sell products without having proof of a certified quality management system. Depending on customer requirements, legal requirements or internal company objectives, further management systems, such as an environmental, occupational health and safety, IT security or energy management system, are added.

All management systems are characterized by the fact that they follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA) and require, for example, regular status analyses in the form of audits and checks, planning of targets and measures based on these, and the designation of responsibilities.

On the other hand, management systems refer to different topics and tasks: Quality management systems primarily to the fulfillment of customer requirements, environmental and energy management systems primarily to an improvement of resource efficiency, occupational health and safety management systems primarily to occupational safety and health protection of employees.

Students of the master's program "Integrated Management Systems" deal with the requirements of quality, environmental, energy and occupational health and safety management systems and examine how companies can optimize their processes in these areas through integrated management systems. Related topics, such as accompanying project management, auditing of management systems or reporting on achieved results are considered in the same way as the environmental policy-legal framework and issues of technical environmental protection, especially energy technology.

Our high application orientation is not only given by a project-oriented theory-practice-transfer module, but also by dealing with software applications in project and material flow management and the teaching of soft skills on issues of learning and change processes in organizations.

This is KIAdirekt!

Practice and theory are far apart? Not with us.

You want specialists and managers whose knowledge and skills fit your company? Then use the KIAdirekt study program to combine your company's know-how with our scientific findings. KIAdirekt is a part-time master's degree program in which your company and our university jointly train specialists and managers for their work in the field of management systems. Students remain employees of your company during their studies and are delegated to the university for their studies. The study program lasts 3 semesters and starts in the summer as well as in the winter semester. If you enroll in the winter semester, you will study the 2nd semester first and then the 1st semester. At KIAdirekt, your employees study in presence at the university during the semesters. During the lecture-free periods as well as during the master's semester, the students pursue their activities in your company.

Do you have specific questions about the management systems in your company? No problem: in many modules we can gear our project work to these.

Foto: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Jana Brauweiler
Prof. Dr. rer. pol.
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Fachgebietskoordinator KIA
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Kristin Groß
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