KIA - Dual to success!

Diploma Dual Automation and Mechatronics students during an internship in the laboratory.

Automation and mechatronics | Diploma | dual (KIA)

Faculty:Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Degree:Diplom-Ingenieur/-in (FH)
Standard period of study:10 semesters
ECTS points:240
Enrollment for:Winter semester
Admission restriction:Apprenticeship / trainee contract or for KIApro qualification contract with partner company

About the advantages of dual studies | KIA

You have the choice.

With the bachelor's degree in automation and mechatronics, you can choose between the regular bachelor's degree or the KIA degree.

What is KIA?

In the KIA variant (cooperative studies with integrated training), the bachelor's degree is very well suited for future students who want to combine theory and practice. In addition to theoretical specialist knowledge, you will also acquire practical training and at the end of your studies you will not only receive the Bachelor's certificate, but also an IHK certificate.ern auch ein IHK-Zeugnis.

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Jens Uwe Müller
Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informatik
02763 Zittau
Theodor-Körner-Allee 16
Building Z I, Room 1.36
+49 3583 612-4795
+49 3583 612-3509
Kristin Groß
Fachgebietskoordinator KIA
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH)
Kristin Groß
Rektorat/Stabsstelle Hochschulentwicklung und Kommunikation/Fachgebiet KIA
02763 Zittau
Theodor-Körner-Allee 16
Building Z I, Room 1.48
1. Obergeschoss
+49 3583 612-4811