Science year opening event


The heat supply on the test bench?

A warm home and a well-tempered workplace are basic needs in our society. The consequences of the Ukraine war have made this self-evident fact questionable: Both the availability and affordability of a warm indoor environment are no longer considered certain for the coming winter.

What can research do to remedy this situation? Can it even be part of the solution (in the short, foreseeable future)?

Processes and ideas for (alternative) heat supply will be presented at the event - for this we expect experts from our university as well as partners from industry and society. In addition, you will have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and questions, either in an open discussion round based on the "fishbowl principle" or in the concluding informal get-together. We will have more information for you in this round with a small snack and a poster presentation in the foyer.


  • Opening of the Year of Science by Prof. Raj Kollmorgen
  • three technical presentations (10 min presentation time, 5 min discussion)
    1. Prof. Matthias Kunick "Sustainable heat supply for urban and rural areas".
    2. Christoph Steffan "Innovative heat supply with water as a refrigerant"
    3. Sebastian Braun "TMS - storage of electricity and heat, coupling of sectors and decarbonization solution"

  • Fishbowl discussion
  • get-together