In both teaching and research, internationality holds a solid position at HSZG. A key factor in this respect is our special geographic situation in the tri-border region between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The short distances to our neighbouring countries make collaborating in joint projects and holding events with the universities in Liberec and Wrocław or those with Czech and Polish companies much easier.

  • Academic Coordination Centre (ACC)

    The ACC has been established as early as in 1991 with the vision of creating an institution to coordinate higher education, science and research work at the universities across the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa. HSZG is one of six partner universities in the ACC.

  • Enterprise Europe Network - EEN

    HSZG is partner to the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network. We support small and medium-sized enterprises in cooperation, technology transfer and strategic partnerships. We help initiating contacts with partners in industry and academia especially in the field of Research & Development.


ACC (Academic Coordination Centre)

EEN (Enterprise Europe Network)