Transfer means creating a link between science, industry and society, so putting the results of our hands-on research to good use in businesses, organizations and institutions.

HSZG has long been pursuing this approach of successful cooperations with enterprises, economic alliances, municipalities, associations or external research institutions. For us, cooperation and collaboration are not reduced to working on specific research projects. They include guidance and mentoring for practical experience reports or graduate theses, and the organization of work placements or guest lectures given by representatives from politics, society and industry.
Our cooperations

Our researchers regularly present their achievements in journals, mass media or exhibitions and fairs, allowing the public a clear and transparent view of research at HSZG.Supporting this since 2018 the University has an Open Access Strategy.

In keeping with the idea of transfer, we regularly convene public events and symposia.
Our events

Our findings can be secured by industrial property rights such as patents. For further information please contact Mr Lutz Haberland, l.haberland(at)

Third Mission

Teaching students and conducting research are known to be HSZG’s core missions. However, modern universities are making an increasingly important contribution towards society and community life. This phenomenon is often referred to as “third mission”, and we have been successfully striving to fulfil it through a variety of activities.

Our three academic missions, closely linked to one another, are key to success: teaching benefits from research findings, as these guarantee that curricula are up-to-date. Research in turn benefits from academic staff that has enjoyed a sound and profound education.



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