Life and Technology

Life and Technology - the 'Lusatian Alliance' has gone live

How can we make our region more attractive? What kind of technological and social innovations can help revive the economy, turn brain-drain to brain-gain and at the same time create a social environment that appeals to families and skilled labour alike? The alliance's members will be looking for answers, developing instruments and trying different approaches. A major effort is the discourse with many stakeholders from industry, civil society and administration so that we can learn from their experiences and needs.

  • Foundation

    The 'Lusatian Alliance' has been selected by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) to present a strategy paper for our region’s development by 31 October 2018. Should we also overcome the next hurdle and successfully pass the selection process in the autumn of 2018, a number of projects can be implemented for the next 10 years through government funding.

  • Strategy

    The Lausitz – Life and Technology Alliance starts with a considerable lead. In various projects and through the continuous cooperation with our partners in the past we have been able to identify prospect technologies that are promising for Lusatia’s economical enhancement. During these projects, we have also taken a closer look at determining factors in local civil society and employment. Our Alliance will build its strategy on the basis of those findings and will be drawing upon the experiences to be made in future workshops and meetings.



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