Research Funding

Research funding means that the German state, industry, foundations and associations provide resources – above all financial – and our University supplies back-up support – above all organizational – for the development of innovative ideas and technologies and for the conduct of research projects. The following is a brief introduction to research funding at our University of Applied Sciences.

Funding of Initial Research at Universities of Applied Sciences in Saxony

Saxony’s State Ministry of the Sciences and Arts (SMWK / SMSA) funds the initiation and setting up of research projects and research into new technologies at the Free State’s universities of applied sciences to the tune of a total of €9m in 2013/14. This funding serves both to support the profiling of the institutions concerned and to strengthen their dovetailing with other research institutions and with SMEs in Saxony. 
In the academic year 2013/14, approx. 35 research projects are currently being funded at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences with a total subsidy of €1.8m.

Funding from the Free State of Saxony, the German Federal Government, the EU et al.:
The University’s Research Unit gives all Faculties and Institutes due notice on upcoming research subsidy bid deadlines (calls) from the SMWK and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). All other funding programmes, projects and guidelines can be found on the homepages of the regional and national ministries concerned, of the federal foundations, the DFG and other associations.  

Information and Advisory Services
The University offers all staff members a monthly research funding Infoletter containing details of ongoing calls. Please register with Lutz Haberland.
In addition, the staff members in our Research Unit and our Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (ZWT / CKTT) are always glad to respond to inquiries, requests for advice and suggestions.

Relevant links:

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Foundations offering Funding

EU Scientific Organisations’ Co-operation Bureau (KoWi) with link to Framework Research Programme
National contact bureaus (NKS)
Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP/COSME)
Federal State, German Federation and EU:

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