Quality Assurance

Describing processes, defining responsibilities, optimizing courses of action – and, not least, making the results of successful research work visible to the outside world!

These are, in nuce, the tasks involved in the establishment of a ‘System of Research Quality Management and Quality Ensurement’. In the medium term, it is a question of increasing the efficiency of research work done and enhancing the positive spin-off effects on University life, teaching, further education and, not least, on the wellbeing of the researchers themselves and their working environment.

Strengthening research involves:

  • motivating researchers
  • designing work processes more efficiently / identifying and eliminating weak points
  • equipping structures more effectively
  • defining demands and standards
  • communicating results in a customized, client-friendly manner


Since early 2012, the five universities of applied sciences undefined(UASs) in Saxony have taken a first step in analysing their research processes, detailing their strengths, identifying points of weakness and, as far as feasible, eliminating them in the interests of even more successful research endeavours.

The Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences has taken on the task of co-ordinating the overall process at Saxony’s universities of applied sciences and promoting a broad-based exchange of experience and knowledge in this field.

The project, which brings the universities of applied science closer together on the working plane, is funded by Saxony’s Ministry of Education and the Arts.

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