MTM - Methods-Time Measurement course

The MTM method creates a standard for high-performance work systems in which the focus is on people and their work. MTM = Method Time Measurement


2-week "Basic-MTM" course for students

Additional qualification in cooperation with the MTM Institute in Zeuthen (near Berlin)

for the first time at the HSZG from 2021


  • Target group

    This course is intended exclusively for HSZG students in the degree programs:

    • Business Administration
    • Integrated Management and Integrated Management Systems
    • Communication Psychology
    • Management of Social Change
    • Social Gerontology
    • Mechanical Engineering (also Diploma or Master)
    • Industrial Engineering
  • About the course

    MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) is an analytical tool for describing, structuring, designing and planning work systems by means of defined process modules and thus a standard of efficient production systems. When MTM is applied, all movements performed by humans are traced back to certain basic movements for which the time required is known.

    Numerous companies apply MTM as a method in process planning, e.g. Airbus Deutschland GmbH, Audi AG, Robert Bosch GmbH and many more. A prerequisite for successful application is an appropriate qualification. A certified MTM qualification is therefore in demand by companies.

    MTM is used in particular to create a standard of efficient production systems. The focus is on people and their work. By applying MTM, optimal process or work flows are created under ergonomically optimized conditions. This automatically results in the most economical implementation of the work task.

    The MTM process modules can be applied wherever fixture-oriented human work is planned, organized and performed. These can be work systems in mass, serial and small batch production, but also in administrative areas. Likewise, in the area of care and optimized design of age-appropriate living situations, the MTM methodology can be applied.

    The course "BASIC-MTM" consists of the process modules MTM-1 and MTM-UAS.

    Further information in the short video (redirection to Youtube)

  • Contact and registration

    If you are interested, please contact Prof. Dr. Martin Sturm, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He schedules the course and will be happy to provide further information.