Systemic revision courses

"Meetsyst - Systemic Repetitories".

short online trainings

Repetitorium (from Latin repetere: "to repeat") means the repetition of knowledge and skills for deepening and consolidation. We offer repetitories so that participants and graduates of our systemic continuing education courses can exchange content online on specific topics. Participation is credited as intervision.

Repetitories description for download (PDF)

  • Target groups

    Participants with prior systemic knowledge: current participants in a systemic course or participants with a degree in systemic counseling/therapy.

  • Seminar leadership

    Lecturers from the Institute for Systemic Work, Chemnitz, teachers for systemic consulting and therapy (ISA and / or DGSF and / or SG).

  • Dates and topics

    Dates and topics each 16-19 clock ONLINE:

    11.01.2022 Topic: Clarification of assignment Lecturer: Katja Oethe (Dipl.-Sozialpädagogin BA, Multiplier QUAST, Systemic Consultant (DGsP), Systemic-Solution-Focused Supervisor (DGSF)/Coach Target group: Participants basic course.

    13.01.2022 Topic: Hypnosystemic initial interview Lecturer: Matthias Freitag (Dipl.-Psych., Lecturer for Systemic Counseling and Therapy DGSF) Target group: Participants & graduates Advanced course Contents: Typical steps, designing counseling system, clarifying the assignment, multiplicity model, well-formed goals, understanding the problem and intervention model, using the problem / reframing, working out differences in the pattern, problem-solution gymnastics, pacing, building control competence, creating choices, memory aids (embodiment and/or symbols).

    25.01.2022 Topic: Working in the context of coercion Lecturer: Katja Oethe (Certified Social Pedagogue BA, Multiplier QUAST, Systemic Consultant (DGsP), Systemic Solution-Focused Supervisor (DGSF)/Coach Target group: Participants basic course

    03.02.2022 Topic: Parents are the solution and not the problem - living an educational partnership in the daycare center Instructor: Desiree Baumann, Social Pedagogue (B.A), Systemic Consultant/Systemic Therapist (DGsP) Target group: Participants of the basic course

    10.2.2022 Topic: Grieving with children, facing death in the context of daycare centers Instructor: Catharina Paulick (Dipl. Religionspädagogin/ Systemische Pädagogin/ Systemische Beraterin) Target group: systemically trained professionals in the context of early childhood education, participants of the systemic daycare center course at the ISA or systemic basic and consultant courses who want to deepen their knowledge for daily work and expand areas of application Benefits: The online seminar refreshes the basic knowledge on the topic of grief and loss. In a joint discourse we will deal with how grieving children can be accompanied and how this can happen concretely in the context of daycare centers. With impulses from Roland Kachler we will develop approaches and ways for our own practice.


    A retreat will take place with at least 6 participants.

  • Confirmation of Participation

    Participants will receive a certificate of attendance after the revision courses of this season have been completed.

  • Working principles and methods

    The event will all take place online using the "Zoom" system. A stable internet connection (preferably cable connection to the router instead of WLAN), microphone and video camera are required.

    With your registration you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt by mail. In due time before each date you will receive an e-mail informing you whether the course will take place (depending on the number of participants) and the access link will be sent.

    Worksheets and additional material will be provided on a padlet.

    Each session consists of three methodical parts:

    1. Presenting the topic,
    2. Exercise/deepening in small groups, or there will be a demonstration,
    3. answering questions

    Participants from current courses at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences can receive credit for participation in the intervision (other courses after consultation with the course leader).

  • Costs

    25.00 Euro per session for current participants of the systemic training courses at the HSZG and at ISA.

    50,00 Euro per appointment for graduates of systemic trainings.

    These costs will be invoiced.

  • Online registration

    Registration is only possible online.

    Please note that registrations by mail or telephone cannot be considered.


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