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In-service training 2019

Solving problems or enabling colleagues to tackle problems in a solution-focused manner is an important leadership task. You can train this competence and apply it in all professional and private areas. In the continuing education course "Solution-Focused Conversation Leadership", methods and attitudes from solution-focused short-term counseling by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer are taught, enabling you to make your conversations even more goal-oriented (see contents).

  • Target groups

    Specialists and managers in business, administration, service professions and social professions

  • Events

    The continuing education with a total of 60 teaching units consists of 2 block events that build on each other.

    Part 1: 11-13.03.2019Part II: 01-03.04.2019

    In each case from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on the third day until approx. 5 p.m.

  • Contents

    Basics, attitude

    • Basic assumptions and key strategies of the solution-oriented systemic approach
    • Attitude: impartiality, neutrality, appreciation, curiosity, resource orientation


    Methods of solution-oriented conversation with adults, children and adolescents

    • Questioning techniques (resource-oriented questions, circular questions, reframing, paradoxical questions, scaling questions, hypothetical questions, questions about differences and exceptions, miracle questions)
    • Dealing with order patterns (client, visitor, complainant)
    • Process design (problem and solution space; PELZ model: problem, explanations, attempted solutions, goals; connecting and leading; liquefying)
    • Goals (defining good goals "SMART" - specific, measurable, accepted, realistic, timed).

    Participants will receive comprehensive teaching materials as well as photo documentation.

  • Diploma

    Certificate "Introduction to Systemic Work - Solution-Oriented Conversation Compact" of the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz

  • Working principles & methods

    Varied methods

    • Mediation, demonstrations, role plays, small group work, videos by Steve de Shazer / Insoo Kim Berg / Gunther Schmidt, reflection based on own professional practice
    • many, many exercises!
  • Seminar leadership

    Matthias Freitag, Dipl.- Psych., Systemic Consultant and Therapist, Supervisor

  • Costs

    490,00 Euro total price, additional costs for accommodation and meals.

  • Financial support

    You can apply for a subsidy of up to 50% of the costs via the educational bonus program. For more information, please visit If you are eligible for a grant, please inform us in advance! Please contact us before you apply for the grant so that we can reserve a place for you.

  • Location

    University campus GörlitzBrückenstraße 102826 Görlitz

    or in conference centers in the vicinity of Görlitz

  • Registration/Contact

    To enable effective work, a maximum of 16 participants will be accepted. We recommend timely registration.

    Registration deadline: 31.01.2019


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