Current Offers


You can find current offers for internships and placements abroad at the following companies and institutions:


Voluntary work in the Czech Republic: 


Partly paid internships with a placement fee for students in economics/tourism:

General information [German]



Language internships:

Various vacancies for English/German or Spanish in Spain


Management, administration & marketing:

Internship 1 in China [German]

Internship 2 in China [German]

Internship 3 in China [German]

International Marketing in the UK



Mechanical Engineering Internship in Malaysia

Electrical Engineering Internship in Malaysia

Social Sciences Internship in Malaysia

International Finance Internship in the UK

International Supply Chain Internship in the UK


Culture and management:

Event Management in London / PR in London / Trade in London [German]


Marketing/International sales:

Office Administration in Florida, from September 2018


Social Sciences / Education:

Internship in a Children’s Home in Peru [German]

Social Sciences Internship 1 in Sri Lanka [German]

Social Sciences Internship 2 in Sri Lanka [German]

Social Sciences Internship 3 in Sri Lanka [German]

Summer Camp in Poland, accompanying children and teenagers, summer 2018 [German]



Hotel Placement in China

Hotel Placement in Spain/Greece 1 [German]

Hotel Placement in Spain/Greece 2 [German]

Hotel Placements on Malta



Marketing Internship in South Africa [German]

Internship in Argentina [German]

Internship in London [German]

Internship in Mexico [German]

Internship 1 in Sri Lanka [German]

Internship 2 in Sri Lanka [German]

Various vacancies in Spain 2018 

Internship at South American Tours WiSe 2018-19 [German]


Inclusion studies:

Internship in Saint Petersburg [German]


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