Neisse University - Studies in English

Would you like to study in English?

Neisse University is truly unique throughout the world. The undergraduate programme begins in the Czech Republic, continues in Poland, and ends in Germany. An integral part of the programme is an internship which can be completed anywhere in the world.

During your studies, you will not only acquire knowledge and skills for your professional career: we set great store by personal growth, a cosmopolitan attitude and intercultural skills of our graduates.

Remember, it's a study abroad programme in English.

Studies begin at the Technical University Liberec in the Czech Republic. The city is a haven for winter sport enthusiasts, and the campus has become legendary for its Bohemian student life. In the beginning of the second year, you will move to Jelenia Góra in Poland. This is a branch of the Wrocław University of Technology. The studies here are in an historic palace with romantic gardens in the spa district Cieplice.

You will then spend the last year of study in Saxony, Germany. Görlitz is a town of culture and history, and host to a branch of Zittau/Görlitz University. This year usually includes an internship abroad.

Work placement in a foreign country

One great advantage of this degree programme is a mandatory three-month work placement somewhere around the globe. Our students have worked in more than 20 countries, including Japan and the USA.

Not only you will learn from experienced professionals but you will also add a paramount item to your CV. This is essential to distinguishing new graduates.

The choice of the country is yours. The placement can thus also be taken in Germany in case you do not want to travel further.

Career prospects

A degree from Neisse University will open many doors to you. Our experience is that graduates often continue with a Master programme. Many a time they choose a course of study in English, again somewhere abroad, and major in Management, Economics, IT etc.

In addition, our graduates generally find themselves in splendid positions in the labour market. Regardless whether they hold a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree, our alumni regularly land lucrative jobs in the management of international teams. Likewise an attractive opportunity is within consulting, particularly in IT.

  • Tuitions

    You might now be thinking that all of this sounds great and looks really good, but it's going to be expensive. Think again! Our exciting programme is completely free of tuition fees for EU citizens.

  • Application process

    You can find all necessary information on our website. Apply now!


Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Jörg Lässig
Fakultät Elektrotechnik und Informatik / Fachbereich Informatik
Campus Görlitz
Brückenstraße 1
Building G II, Room 108
03581 792-5354