• DAAD Project-Based Personnel Exchange Programmes (PPP)

    Contrary to traditional incentives for personal applications, PPP support individuals taking part in certain international projects. They do not provide support for any undertaking in teaching and training. Through research collaboration, these programmes place great weight on the continuous education and specialization of young academics and research staff. There are no restrictions in terms of specialization or the subject at hand (exceptions: United Kingdom, Canada, Columbia, USA).

    Eligible are also early career researchers (ECR), provided their doctoral degree is not older than five years, and they can furnish proof that the basic funding of their project has been secured.

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  • Scholarships

    Eligible costs are personal extra expenses if they are incurred through the mobility of academics, PhD candidates and graduates (or prospective graduates if their thesis is part of the project at hand). Each of the parties defrays the expenses for travel and subsistence of the participants of its country according to its general conditions. Exceptions to this principle apply to programmes with India, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Any reimbursements paid by the host institution (eg accommodation) will be deducted.

    DAAD pays allowances for travel and subsistence for the duration of the stay at the respective foreign partner institution. The amount is subject to each participant’s scholarship category and the length of their stay. The standard DAAD scholarship rates for prospective graduates or PhD students apply for participants who have yet to complete their doctoral studies.

    The project’s core funding must always be secured (including personnel and non-personnel costs). There is no reimbursement possible for project-based incidental expenses (eg for computing time, materials, documentation, copies, printing) or basic workplace equipment.

  • Prerequisites

    Eligible for all programmes are academics and researchers from German universities.

    A concrete scientific research project that involves the joint work of academic staff from both countries is a requirement for every successful application.

    The DAAD’s point of contact (project coordinator) must either be teacher at a German university and/or, for the majority of all programmes, an ECR (with a doctoral degree) and a senior academic of a non-university research institute. Prospects should send their application to the regional DAAD office (Regionalreferat).

The programme is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has concluded bilateral research promotion programmes with 28 countries across the world. These programmes aim to support joint activities in research between German academics and their foreign partners.


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