PROMOS - Promoting Mobility of Students at German Universities

PROMOS - Promoting Student Mobility

HSZG students and teachers can apply for the PROMOS programme every late autumn for the next calendar year.

PROMOS 2018 Call for applications [German]

Application form for students [German]

Application form for HSZG teaching staff [German]

HSZG teaching staff applying for study visit funds should send their letter of intent and a rough description of their planned trip to the International Office by 15/01/2018. HSZG will then decide which faculty may send a full application by 31/01/2018 and will be awarded PROMOS grants for 2018.


Application deadline for students and teaching staff: 31 January 2018

Information for students

PROMOS aims to promote mobility of students from German universities. With scholarships for up to five months, the programme makes substantial contributions to a higher mobility of students at German universities. HSZG awards these scholarships through a selection procedure that sets store by academic performance and quality.

Currently, the following activities can be funded through PROMOS:

  • Periods of study worldwide (outside of Europe): 1 to 4 months; also industrial placements for students writing their graduate thesis

  • Placements/internships worldwide (outside of Europe): 6 weeks to 5 months

  • Language courses abroad: 3 to 6 weeks

  • Student group tours guided by a University teacher

Remember that all necessary organization must be taken care of by yourself, PROMOS is nothing more than financial support. Please observe the deadline given for application and all further modalities.

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Simone Kunze

Student Services & International Relations

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