Prerequisites for beginning a course of study


Which linguistic requirements must be fulfilled for an application?

Most foreign applicants are required to attend our Foreign Students' College prior to their university studies. Candidates for admission to this College are either required to submit proof of their German language proficiency equal to level B1 as defined by the CERF*, or must have taken at least 400 hours of instruction in German language.

The classes at our Foreign Students' College prepare students to meet the required language skills (C1* and higher); some receive academic groundwork too.

For further information, please refer to: What is a Foreign Student's College?

However, successful applicants must have passed the entrance exam for the College. Our prep course German as a foreign language is a solid base to pass this examination with
flying colours.

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Who is allowed to apply for a university studies?


An application is possible for all refugees who possess a secondary school certificate (Bakaloria – Baccalauréat, etc) and who consider taking up a course of study in Germany.

Further info about higher education for refugees can be found here.

Do you require further information?

Please do not hesitate to ask, as it will be a pleasure to assist you!

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