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German University Sports Federation


Sports meets

In addition to our regular activities, we take part in nationwide sporting events and tournaments between universities organized by sports federations.



German University Championships

The German University Sports Federation (adh) organizes national and international competition sport events in more than 60 disciplines every year, including the German University Championships, the adh-Open, adh-Trophy, and the Germany University Trophy. Upcoming events are published at or can be obtained from our Sports Centre.

You can register for adh tournaments at our Sports Centre or through the official adh registration forms.



Saxon University Championships

These are organized by the Saxon University Sports Federation (LHS). Information on upcoming events can be found at

All regularly regular members of our University and the Zittau International Graduate School (IHI) are eligible to enter German and Saxon University Championships. Registration must be made through our Sports Centre.



HSG Turbine Zittau e.V., registered association

Our University sports club is primarily reserved for students who are are interested in competition sport and are willing to represent Turbine Zittau e.V. in the respective federations. If you are interested, please contact the association’s office.


Schrammstr. 63, 02763 Zittau


+49 3583 516-560

Office hours:

Tuesday 14:00 - 16:00


Mrs Karin Hollstein


Mr T.-Mario Sräga




Letzte Änderung: 1. März 2019



Philipp Knebel

Building Z I / Room 0.01

Building GII / Room 205

+49 3583 612-3290

+49 3581 374-4256



Sylvia Langkowski

Building Z I / Room 0.02

+49 3583 612-3291


Technical Staff

Andre Baumgärtel

Building ZI / Room K 0.09

+49 3583 612-3295

+49 3583 612-4939


Consultation Hours


Monday:       12:00 - 15:30

Wednesday:  12:00 - 15:30



Tuesday:     12:00 - 15:30

Thursday:   12:00 - 15:30




No consultation hours outside of teaching weeks.

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