Starting University

We look forward to welcoming you to HSZG

We have prepared the most relevant information for a smooth transition to university life.

Our 'Come in' weeks

Zittau/Görlitz University offers all new students the chance to test and hone their skills in mathematics, chemistry, physics and the basics of electrical engineering. The relevant prep courses are in September of each year.

However, ‘Come-in weeks’ is by no means synonym to swotting up on formulas: you will also get a sound grasp on campus life. The Students’ Union (Stura), Faculty Student Committees, and the MINT centre will invite you to partake in various activities during your prep days. You will get acquainted with fellow students, the campus and, after all, the surroundings of your new home.

If you cannot wait to get a taste of it all, then you might want to check out our landing page [German]

Students Advise Students on Facebook

Through our Students Advise Students programme you can get in touch with classmates and experienced students already before starting uni. Here you can ask all your questions around student life and study foci.

Students Advise Students

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