Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for admission to a course of study at Zittau/Görlitz is passing the German A level (Abitur) or the exams granting the right to study at a University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulreife) or their equivalents.

  • Admission to all fully-fledged undergraduate courses (Bachelor, Diplom) is always as of the next winter semester.
  • Applications can be made from May in the year of intended admission.
  • For courses of study with restricted admission (numerus clausus), applications must reach the Admissions Office by 15 July.
  • For courses of study with no admission restrictions, an application is often possible also beyond the official cut-off date.

Exceptions with individual admission requirements

  • Applications for the Master’s course Culture and Management must be submitted to the Admissions Office by 15 July or 15 January respectively, and include a written motivation and a paper. Details can be found here [German].

  • All sandwich-style KIA courses require that you must have a vocational training contract with a company co-operating with our University.

  • Prospective students who have not acquired the Fachhochschulreife (see above) but have undergone vocational training, and have at least three years of professional experience, may study at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences on passing an admission test .


If you wish to apply for a course of study, please continue here.

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