»WANTED!« Job Exchange

The next job fair at the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences takes place on November 28th 2018 at the campus site in Zittau!

We are looking forward to hosting numerous regionally, nationally and internationally known exhibitors from different industries. The focus of the event is the mutual presentation of exhibitors and students alike. Also, we offer a diverse accompanying program in the overall context of career (professional application photo shoot or different workshops among others).

By participating in the job fair the company representatives are able to connect with our students as early as possible and to prepare the students for the requirements of the business world! There are many possibilities:
▪ student employment
▪ internship papers or voluntary internships
▪ theses (master, diploma, bachelor)
▪ job training and degree courses (the so called KIA: Kooperatives Studium mit integrierter Ausbildung)

▪ and jobs



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