Biotechnology and Applied Ecology, M.Sc.

Faculty: Natural and environmental sciences
Location: Zittau
Degree: Master of Science
Standard period of study: 4* semesters
ECTS points: 120
Enrollment for: Winter semester
Cooperation partner: International University Institute (IHI) Zittau of the TU Dresden
* It is possible to shorten the duration of the program by individual recognition of credits already earned in the Bachelor's program.
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The master's program "Biotechnology and Applied Ecology" is offered with the specializations "Biodivisity and Nature Conservation" and "Biotechnology".

The aim is to train specialists for international use in the fields of biotechnological research, production and environmental prevention and aftercare as well as biodiversity research and nature conservation.

Biodiversity represents the richness of life and is an important protected good in the context of environmental protection. The fact that biodiversity is of particular importance for the conservation of ecosystems and their functions, especially with regard to ensuring ecosystem services, was recognized early on and led to the signing of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

The CBD pursues the goal of conserving biodiversity at 3 levels (landscape, biodiversity and genetic diversity).

It is undisputed that we are in a period of dramatic decline in biodiversity. Only decisive action at the international and national levels can help preserve biodiversity for future generations. The United Nations has therefore declared the decade 2011-2020 the "UN Decade of Biological Diversity". The Federal Republic of Germany is making great efforts, including through the National Strategic Plan adopted in 2007, to implement the above-mentioned goals at the national level.

Internationally as well as nationally, there is an increasing demand for well-trained specialists who are able to carry out biodiversity research on an ecosystem, species and genetic level and to contribute to the solution of problems in the implementation of the biodiversity strategy.

The curriculum of our Master's program "Biotechnology and Applied Ecology" in the field of study Biodiversity and Conservation tries to meet these requirements.

The focus of the education is on

  • the assessment and management of natural ecosystems
  • population biological and genetic studies of endangered animal and plant species
  • sustainable use of biodiversity and agroforestry ecosystems
  • implementation of environmental legislation through consulting for the legislative and executive branches of government
  • the ability to conduct research in the field of biodiversity.

The complex, interdisciplinary study program is offered together with the International University Institute Zittau, an institution of the TU Dresden, in the specializations "Biodiversity and Nature Conservation" and "Biotechnology".


The application for this study program takes place via the TU Dresden: Application details

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