Business Administration and Engineering, Diplom

Focuses: Sustainable energy and utilities as well as production and digital transformation

Faculty: Economics and industrial engineering
Location: Zittau
Degree: Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur/-in (FH)
Standard period of study: 8 semesters
ECTS points: 240
Enrollment for: Winter semester
Admission restriction: none

Industrial engineers reconcile various interests: They understand technical requirements at a high level and at the same time can assess them with the "entrepreneurial lens". As universal talents, industrial engineers are in demand in companies wherever technical and economic decisions come together, such as in the areas of production, sales, controlling or consulting, but also innovation management or corporate management.

If you are interested in economic contexts as well as in technology, then the diploma program in Industrial Engineering and Management in Zittau is exactly the right thing for you to be able to translate between both worlds later on. With us, you will study on a modern campus, in a family atmosphere and, depending on your personal interests, you can specialize in the field of efficient production or sustainable energy supply.

Why Diploma?

The diploma is still considered one of the best degrees worldwide. With the title of Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur you have excellent career opportunities on the national and international job market and can actively shape the future.

Your study contents in the Bachelor's program Applied Natural Sciences

After the daily study routine into nature. I had a very nice time studying, met many nice people and made deep friendships. It's great that at a small university you've seen everyone somehow before and greet each other on the street! If you are looking for absolute anonymity, you are definitely on the wrong track here. There are small individual seminar groups and very friendly lecturers! Student, 2018 (
Foto: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Tino Schütte
Prof. Dr. rer. pol.
Tino Schütte
Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
02763 Zittau
Schliebenstraße 21
Building Z II, Room 016.2
+49 3583 612-4647