Ecology and Environmental Protection, B.Sc.

Faculty: Natural and environmental sciences
Location: Zittau
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Standard period of study: 7 semesters
ECTS points: 210
Enrollment for: Winter semester
Admission restriction: none

Energy transition and global warming, biodiversity protection, sustainability, resource efficiency and land use - are hotly debated topics that we deal with in the "Ecology and Environmental Protection" department. There is a growing need for experts with interdisciplinary training who can analyze complex issues from a wide variety of fields of knowledge and bring them together in a holistic assessment of the impact on our environment.

Our course of studies "Ecology and Environmental Protection", which has been in existence since 1994, is almost unique in the Federal Republic of Germany with its generalist and interdisciplinary natural science oriented course of studies. Depending on the field of study, you will gain specific insight into technical, management-related, nature conservation and landscape planning topics with practical relevance, in addition to scientific and ecological basics.


Foto: Dipl.-Kffr. Anke Zenker-Hoffmann
Anke Zenker-Hoffmann
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