Childhood Education, B.A.

Faculty: Social Sciences
Location: Goerlitz
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Standard period of study: 6 semesters
ECTS points: 180
Enrollment for: Winter semester
Admission restriction: Numerus Clausus


The profession of childhood education is focused on family and public education, upbringing and care in childhood.

In the study of childhood education, comprehensive professional, application-related and personal competencies are taught in order to be able to realize a qualified educational design for children and also to be able to provide appropriate cooperation with families.

The life worlds, cultures and living conditions of children and families are the focus of consideration.

Supporting education, upbringing and care in childhood means using gender-sensitive, intercultural and inclusive methods of educational design for childhood educators. The study of childhood education therefore offers an interdisciplinary practice-based form of competence acquisition and content transfer, which is characterized by diversity and complexity. This includes a scientifically based, critical reflection of social constructions and conditions of childhood and family. Thus, a participation in the social, political and cultural shaping and securing of a good and successful growing up of children is possible.

Foto: Dipl.-Soz.-Arb./Soz.-Päd. (FH) Nicole Blana
Faculty Student Adviser
Dipl.-Soz.-Arb./Soz.-Päd. (FH)
Nicole Blana
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