Mission Statement

Our roots

We are firmly rooted in a 500-year-long tradition of education in Upper Lusatia grounded in humanist philosophy and technical endeavour.

Our mission

We offer a scientifically grounded academic education ensuring a successful start into professional life and a sustained, ongoing professional development.

We offer further education in academic and scientific fields, so enabling the systematic, lifelong acquisition of knowledge and enlarging the stock of knowledge in the fields of technology, economics and business, and society.

We conduct applied research and development with a view to achieving a sustainable world.

Our central fields of competence are "Energy and the Environment" and "Transformations in Industry and Society".

Our underlying principles

Our students acquire the relevant discipline-specific, methodological, human resource-oriented and social competences that enable them to shape processes of change in the academic fields of the

  • Engineering and Technological Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Economic and Business Studies and Languages and Linguistics

The competence of our teaching staff is grounded in their academic qualifications, in firmly-rooted professional experience and in ongoing training both in their specialist discipline and in didactic methodology – all enabling them to undertake a wide variety of tasks in their respective Faculties.

Our Professors are the bedrock of the academic renown and the appeal of our University of Applied Sciences. Well-qualified in their disciplines, well-networked both within their academic fields and in the world of praxis, active in research and development, fully versed in tertiary sector teaching and highly involved in the day-to-day running of our institution, they are fully competent to act in many advisory capacities.

Our lecturers and auxiliary staff in the Faculties, operative divisions and Academic Administration ensure the efficient running of our institution and our effective ongoing development and profile-formation.

We regard education as a communal public good in and for an open society. Our educational offers are designed both for those who have the classic admission requirements for further education and for those who have demonstrated elsewhere their particular aptitude for study. At one and the same time, we maintain an academic culture informed by the principles of equal opportunity, pluralism and family-friendliness.

The quality of research conducted at our University finds expression in the external funding we are awarded, and in doctoral projects and publications corresponding to the exigencies of the respective specialist disciplines. Our institution supports research as a prime activity of all staff.

Our international institutional partnerships are concentrated thematically and geographically on specific areas and clusters. Special areas of emphasis are our neighbours in Poland and the Czech Republic and the states of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our University of Applied Sciences sees itself also as a "regional supplier" in things academic and scientific, producing education, research and development with an eye to the socio-economic development of the region.

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