Managerial and Cultural Studies

The Faculty of Managerial and Cultural Studies at the Görlitz campus offers a total of seven Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. By linking Healthcare Management, Culture and Management, Tourism Management, Business Management and Languages, and Specialist Translation, our resources are optimized in such a way that our students can receive one-to-one support.


Our tri-national region provides a melting pot of cultures that you won’t find further inland. By providing our students with excellent linguistic skills and sound theory, they are well equipped for studying abroad. We set great store on the semester abroad. Intense research work in the fields of economic sciences, cultural politics and languages conducted by both university tutors and students alike help to drive this faculty forward and form the basis for modern teaching.

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Detailed information on the Faculty of Managemental and Cultural Studies and affiliated institutes, courses of study and study offers.

Courses of study:

  Bachelor Master Diplom Dual/Kia
Managerial and Cultural Studies
Culture and Management
Health Care Management
Tourism Management
Specialist Translation (Economics) German / Polish (part-time)
Economics and Languages

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Prof. Dr. phil. Fred Schulz

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