Quality Management


Dr. rer. pol. Peggy Sommer 

Building Z I / Room 1.52

Tel.: +49 3583 612-4725

Email: p.sommer@hszg.de


Dipl.-Ing. Kersten Kühne

Building Z I / Room 1.50

Tel.: +49 3583 612-4470
Email: k.kuehne@hszg.de



Dipl.-Kffr. (FH) Maike Schiller

Building Z I / Room 1.52

Tel.: +49 3583 612-4295
Email: m.schiller@hszg.de



  • Developing and updating the University’s QM plan; organizing and improving its QM system
  • Preparing for system accreditation
  • Coordinating measures for quality assurance and development
  • Advising HSZG governance and process owners / officers in charge for its fundamental units on quality issues
  • Recording, optimizing and documenting HSZG processes
  • Providing key documents (University Information Portal, official announcements)
  • Presenting and evaluating QM key figures; internal reporting and monitoring.

Further information can be found under www.hszg.de/qm.

Letzte Änderung: 6. Dezember 2017

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