Science Research Year

Scientific events in the science year 2013/14

Congresses are the icing on the cake of scientific communication. Regularly, the Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences (HSZG) invites scientists and academics from home and abroad to attend specialist conferences. These events take place under the overall aegis of the ‘Science Research Year’.

Official Opening of the Science Research Year 2013/14:
The Official Opening of the HSZG Science Research Year 2013/14 took place in Görlitz on 24 September 2013. 

The overall topic chosen for the opening plenary session is ‘An Ageing Society: The Challenges for Business, Technology, Politics and Culture’. Within the framework of a wide-ranging discussion of this issue, links will be established to the various research topics and foci of our University of Applied Sciences.
Further Information on the Official Opening of the Science Research Year 2013/14 can be found here.

Zittau Congress on Power Plant Chemistry (24/25 September 2013):
The Official Opening of the Science Research Year takes place during the Zittau Congress on Power Station Chemistry.

20th Zittau Fuzzy Congress (25 – 27 September 2013):
We draw especial attention to the 20th Zittau IPM Fuzzy Congress, which takes place only shortly afterwards and is concerned with the manifold practical application possibilities of an interesting mathematical methodology. The focus this year is directed in particular to applications in the field of energy technology.


Further specialist congresses and events in the Science Research Year 2013/14 are:
The further specialist congresses in the Science Research Year 2013/14 – here listed without any special academic systematization – are concerned with:

  • the life and work of the children’s author Mira Lobe,
  • dealing with refuse tips/ landfill sites,
  • societal transformation processes,
  • advances in integrative teaching methods,
  • the categorization of the properties of water and water vapour,
  • perspectives in curative and therapeutic pedagogics,
  • the creation of electrical energy out of biomass,

and with further topics, which may be announced at short notice.
We hope and trust that scientists, academics and other interested parties from near and far will bring their creative input to our work and will themselves receive stimuli for their own research. In addition, it is our hope that these events will appeal to a broad spectrum of students and interested parties in our region and will further serve to draw attention to the wide range of our University’s productivity and services.



All scientific and academic congresses and events in the Science Research Year 2013/14 at a glance:

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