Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Placements

Erasmus+ Placements

The Erasmus+ Student Mobility schemes allow you to acquire the important intercultural, language, and social skills that are in growing demand in a globalized business world. You can apply for a grant at the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY for required or voluntary placements abroad. The grant rates are depending on the country and lie within Euro 330 and 430 per month.


Further information

Erasmus+ assists successful applicants with sponsored placements in one of 33 participating countries across Europe and their respective overseas territories. A maximum of 12 months within a study section can be used for a period of study and/or internships abroad (24 months for Diplom and other single courses). However, every placement must have a minimum duration of 60 days. The grant for an individual placement is capped at 150 days. Any additional time during longer placements will be covered by a 'zero grant' which, should there be any extant funds, can be used to subsequently reimburse that additional time as far as feasible. Please note that you can receive a grant for several placements of up to 150 days within a cycle of study (Bachelor, Master, Diplom etc).

The LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY maintains an extensive network of contacts to companies, research institutes, universities, schools, hospitals, social and governmental institutions, culture and art organizations, and associations and clubs, from which you can choose if you have not found a placement on your own yet. Click here to find the Stellenticket, the Office’s job portal with a database offering internships.

Additionally, they offer quality assurance instruments for placements. You can receive help on the conclusion of placement agreements or the issuing of respective certificates. If you are planning to do an internship in Europe, you can find all the information on Erasmus+ projects and the necessary application documents here

(, in German)

A piece of advice:

Plan ahead, and do it early. Applications for grants should be sent 6 months in advance if you haven’t found a placement yet. The deadline is 3 months if you have. Your complete application documents must be available to us no later than 12 weeks prior to the starting date of your placement (justified exceptions may be accepted).


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