ASiiA internship in Canada

The Alberta-Saxony Intercultural Internship Alliance (ASiiA) for students and graduates


If you are dreaming of an internship in Canada, then you should not pass up the great opportunity of working in Alberta.

ASiiA is a cross-cultural internship programme by 14 Saxon and 5 Albertan universities.

Every year, students and graduates from participating universities are given the opportunity to complete an internship in Saxony's partner region, regardless of their actual degree courses. Successful ASiiA applicants actively cultivate the ASiiA community, get to know the country and its people, but also build an international network of contacts and friends. The ASiiA programme will support you in organizational and contentual terms, eg by exclusively providing visas free of charge.

Presently you can choose from the following positions in Alberta:

- Engineering Intern, ARIS, SAIT

- International Projects and Programs Assistant, University of Alberta, Office of the Vice-Provost

- International Events Assistant, MacEwan International Office.


Please enquire the availability of individual positions at the LEONARDO OFFICE SAXONY. Another option are internships in various specialist areas at one of our partner universities or in an Alberta-based company.

The following deadlines apply for applications without having obtained an internship position:

Autumn 2016 (Sept. - Nov.)                 by 30 April 2016

Winter 2016/2017  (Dec. - Feb.)         by 31 August 2016

Spring 2017 (March - May)                   by 15 December 2016

Summer 2017 (June - Aug.)                 by 30 January 2017


If we have caught your interest, please refer to the link below for further information on vacancies and the internship programme in general.

By the way: our internships in Canada are paid!


Where do I apply?                                   Who can answer my questions?
LEONARDO-BÜRO SACHSEN                      Mrs Dina Drechsel
Technische Universität Dresden            Phone: +49 351-463-39739
01062 Dresden                                        Fax: +49 351-463-37156


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Simone Kunze

Student Services & International Relations

Building Z I / Room 0.06

+49 3583 612-4263

Consultation hours in Zittau, Building Z I / Room 0.06:

(teaching & exam weeks)

  • Monday: 13:00 - 15:30
  • Tuesday: 09:30 - 11:30 & 13:00 - 15:30
  • Friday: 09:30 - 11:30*

*and by arrangement

Consultation hours in Görlitz, Building G II / Room 253:

(teaching & exam weeks)

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